Growth Counselling Institute

Biblical Counselling Training and Development

Awareness & Adoption

We foster awareness of biblical counselling online and through in-person events


We provide counselling training, accreditation, support and accounability

Biblical Counselling

Our trained staff provide counselling for people based in New Zealand who want help

Professional Development

We connect biblical counsellors and provide ongoing training and development

Our Mission

To foster the creation of healthy biblical counselling ministries in local churches through training, accreditation, and awareness of primacy of Scripture in counselling and Christian living.

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Growth Counselling Institute is a new organization based in New Zealand, focused on the promotion, training, development and adoption of biblical counselling in New Zealand and Australia. We can’t do this alone, so consider getting involved.

There are three ways to be involved.

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We recently launched our Growth Counselling Institute Membership. Members get ongoing development, support, guidance, accountability, training and much more. 

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Growth Counselling Institute Leadership Team

James Glanville

James earned a PhD in Christian counselling in South Africa, but was convinced of the importance of biblical counselling toward the end of his doctorate. He has been involved in biblical counselling ministries including crisis counselling in South Africa and New Zealand. He and his family live in Napier and he ministers at Onekawa Bible Church.

Darryl Burling

Darryl graduated from The Master's Seminary in 2015 and has a PhD in biblical counselling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He helps students learn to read New Testament Greek fluently at He lives in New Plymouth with his family and serves as an elder at Faith Bible Church.

Alex Allen

Over the years Alex has completed various biblical counselling certificates, a Diploma in Biblical Studies (Shepherds), and has an Associate Degree in Christian Counselling. She has worked in NGOs, a local high school, in the Chaplaincy at Massey University, in her church and runs her own private counselling practice. She is currently working her way through a Masters of Art in Biblical Counselling through Westminster Theological College in PA. Alex lives in Taupo with her husband of 42 years.

Tony Nünez

Tony is a Mexican-American who's been ministering in NZ since 2004, having married a kiwi girl, born and bred. Tony is currently Pastor at the Fenton Park Bible Church in Rotorua, where he lives with his wife and family.