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New Zealand's first biblical counselling conference

October 20-21, 2018

Discipling Fear and Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders. Today, medical practitioners are likely to diagnose anxiety from a range of symptoms that may once have simply been dismissed. Anxiety is often connected with depression, and can be experienced as a low level nervousness through to panic attacks which overwhelm your ability to function.

God through His Word provides answers to help people whose lives are impacted by fear and anxiety. Renewal 2018 is about teaching you how to help people suffering with fear and anxiety.

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Dr. John Street will be our plenary speaker. His wife Janie will also teach a seminar for women. Dr Street is professor and department chair for the graduate programs in Biblical Counselling at The Master’s University and Seminar in California. He also serves as the president of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).  

About Growth Counselling Institute

Awareness & Adoption

We foster awareness of biblical counselling online and through in-person events


We provide ACBC counselling training and certification supervision

Biblical Counselling

Our trained staff provide counselling for people based in New Zealand who want help

Professional Development

We connect biblical counsellors and provide ongoing training and development

Our Mission

To foster the creation of healthy biblical counselling ministries in local churches through training, accreditation, and awareness of primacy of Scripture in counselling and Christian living.

Our Focus

We are a New Zealand based orgnization, focused on the training and development of biblical counselling primarily in New Zealand. Our online training program will be available worldwide, and we will connect members of the biblical counselling community from New Zealand and Australia

If you’re interested in biblical counselling and want to find out more about who we are, where we’re up to and what we’re planning, watch the webinar we recently conducted with pastors from New Zealand and Australia.

Who are we?

James Glanville

James earned a PhD in Christian counselling in South Africa, but was convinced of the importance of biblical counselling toward the end of his doctorate. He has been involved in biblical counselling ministries including crisis counselling in South Africa and New Zealand. He and his family live in Napier and he ministers at Onekawa Bible Church.

Darryl Burling

Darryl graduated from The Master's Seminary in 2015 and is pursuing a PhD in biblical counselling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches biblical counselling at Boyce College in Louisville Kentucky and helps students learn to read Greek fluently at He lives in New Plymouth with his family and serves as an elder at Faith Bible Church.

John Hayles

John is passionate about the word of God and provides the business sense to Growth Counselling Institute. He also fits the profile of those we believe will be interested in learning biblical counseling. He owns and manages his own small design consulting company specializing on oil and gas pipelines. He resides in New Plymouth and serves on the leadership team of Faith Bible Church.

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