Growth Counselling Institute

Biblical Counselling Training and Development

Awareness & Adoption

We foster awareness of biblical counselling online and through in-person events


We provide ACBC counselling training and certification supervision

Biblical Counselling

Our trained staff provide counselling for people based in New Zealand who want help

Professional Development

We connect biblical counsellors and provide ongoing training and development

Our Mission

To foster the creation of healthy biblical counselling ministries in local churches through training, the promotion of ACBC certification, and awareness of primacy of Scripture in counselling and Christian living.

Our Focus

We are a New Zealand based orgnization, focused on the training and development of biblical counselling primarily in New Zealand. Our online training program will be available worldwide, and we will connect members of the biblical counselling community from New Zealand and Australia

If you’re interested in biblical counselling and want to find out more about who we are, where we’re up to and what we’re planning, watch the webinar we recently conducted with pastors from New Zealand and Australia.

Stay In Touch

If you’re interested in biblical counseling in New Zealand and Australia and would us to let you know of conferences, training, and other opportunities please enter your details below, and we’ll be in touch!