GCI Membership Options

Become a counsellor and support counselling by becoming a Growth Counselling Institute member

Membership: the lifeblood of a movement

Our members are the lifeblood of biblical counselling! There is no biblical counselling without people supporting, growing and counselling other people. The Growth Counselling Institute membership is designed to for those who want to be directly involved in biblical counselling. 

Why can't I join now?

We operate a closed membership model. What that means is that we open the membership several times a year to new members. In the meantime we devote ourselves to serving our members. This helps us to stay focused on our primary task. We hope you understand.

To find out when we next open the membership, join our mailing list by filling in your details below. 


Full benefits
$ 37 Monthly
  • Live monthly calls
  • Suggested reading list
  • Reading Group
  • Conference recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Logo use (limited)
  • Online community (April/May)
  • Member training program (April/May)

Annual payment options also available


Ongoing Professional Development
$ 37 Monthly
  • Live monthly calls
  • Suggested reading list
  • Reading Group
  • Conference recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Logo use (full)
  • Online community (April/May)
  • Involved in member training (by invitation)

The best option for those who already have a accepted training in biblical counselling

Member Benefits

Live monthly calls

Our live monthly calls are interactive times together. Each call has a different goal, from membership updates, to local news, case studies and counselling training.

Suggested Reading List

We encourage members to read, and each month highlight a book we recommend reading.

Conference Recordings

All members also get full access to all previous conference video, recordings, and powerpoint slides.

Reading Group

Members are also invited to join our reading group. At the end of a month, we join live call to discuss the book of the month and share our observations.

Additional development member benefits

Development and accredited members also get the following benefits.

Support, Guidance and Accountability

Help when you need it in your training, counselling cases, and accountability to help you remain faithful to scripture and Christ's purpose in the lives of those you serve.

Logo Use

Development and accredited members are involved in counselling individuals. Growth Counselling Institute provides support and accountability and stands behind our members. Use our logo to provide assurance to those you serve.

Online Community

(Coming May 2019) It's easy to find yourself alone while trying to help others. The online community is a way to quickly get help, share experiences and connect with others.

Training Program

(Coming May 2019) Growth Counselling Institute provides training specific to the Australasian culture, ensuring counsellors are knowledgable of the word of God and accepted counselling practice and ethics.

Expand your membership

These add-on’s can be added to any membership level above. 

These can be added at the time of purchase or from within the members portal.

Book Box

Get the book of the month automatically
$ 29 Monthly
  • Get the book of the month delivered to your door each month
  • Book arrives two weeks before reading begins
  • Exclusive executive summary of the book
  • Reading plan to spread your reading through the month
  • Printed reading response to help you summarize your reading
  • Exclusive GCI Bookmark


Add your spouse as a member at the same level as you
$ 20 Monthly
  • Full access to all the same member benefits
  • One simple price at the same level as you
  • Share books, login individually

Annual payment options also available

The Book Box Membership add-on is created in partnership with Gracebooks New Zealand, and will be shipped directly from Grace Books.

The Book Box Membership price above includes postage. 

If you receive a book you already have, you can keep it and give it away. Alternatively, return it to Grace Books and exchange it for another book you don’t have from a previous shipment or a $25 store credit. You will need to pay postage for any returns and returns must be completed within 7 days.


You can start with any of the options above and add the add-ons as you go. However, the following are popular bundles available at the time you join which also save a little money. 

Ultimate Development

Everything you need to become a biblical counsellor
$ 67 Monthly
  • Development Membership
  • Book Box
  • Add your spouse

Household Development

Everything you need to become a biblical counsellor
$ 82 Monthly
  • Development Membership
  • Book Box
  • Add your spouse

For your church

If you are a church leader and want to start a biblical counselling ministry in your church, we are here to help! This package must be purchased by an elder who is supervising the biblical counselling ministry of the church.

Church Package

Start a counselling ministry in your church
$ 150 Monthly
  • Up to 5 members at any level
  • GCI church starter kit
  • Half day of consulting for your church to get started
  • Direct access to GCI staff
  • "Stack" to add more members
  • Add a Book Box to build a church library
  • Purchase must be made by an elder

GCI church starter kit

The Growth Counselling Institute church starter kit includes everything you need to start a counselling ministry, including sample policies and procedures, ethical standards, counselling and the New Zealand law, templates and more.

Half day of consulting

We'll come to you and spend half a day answering questions and helping you think through each stage of the process to set up a ministry in your church, including getting church buy-in and more.

Direct access to GCI staff

We're committed to the success of biblical counselling in local churches, so we want to make sure we're available to support you. You'll have the mobile numbers of the staff at GCI. Need help? Just pick up the phone.

Stack to add members

Need more than 5 members? Just add another church package to add 5 more. Repeat as often as you want to add as many members as you need.