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Our country is in the middle of a mental health crisis, and the church has been drawn in. Even though the Bible teaches us that we have everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 1:3), the church in our country not only looks elsewhere for answers, but to the same sources as the world. 

The Bible teaches what it means to be human, what our problems are and that we not only have a God who is good and sovereign, but one who offers hope. Our country, our churches desperately need that hope.  

What our churches need are people who will help one another grow into the true knowledge of the Son of God (Eph 4:13), who trust in the word of God to bring about the results He desires in the lives of His people. These people will bring true hope to God’s people. 

This is what Growth Counselling Institute is committed to. Will you join us? 

The Mission of Growth Counselling Institute

To foster the creation of healthy biblical counselling ministries in local churches through training, accreditation, and awareness of primacy of Scripture in counselling and Christian living.

We want to invest in you

If you want to become a biblical counsellor in New Zealand, right now, your options are limited.

It’s worse. Many Christians who are counsellors trained in New Zealand are not taught that scripture is sufficient, or what God says about how a human being, created in the image of God, is made or how we function. 

This means if you were to seek guidance in New Zealand from a “trained counsellor” it is not likely to start from a biblical perspective, but from a secular perspective, and scripture is merely retro-actively added to the approach.

Biblical counselling starts with recognized principles of interpretation (called historical, grammatical, literary hermeneutics), and through a solid exegetical process, and by drawing on biblical and systematic theology establishes counselling practices and procedures. 

We're starting a membership to foster biblical counselling

Two phased development

Phase 1: October 2018 – April 2019

  • Monthly live calls
  • Suggested reading list 
  • Conference Recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Limited logo use

Phase 2: April/May 2019

  • Members training program begins
  • Online community to connect with others
  • Accreditation process
  • Full logo use

Live calls with a global community

We’re connecting you with authors, educators, and thought leaders from around the world via monthly calls. Each call will be focused on a specific topic and will offer you an opportunity to hear from and interact with those on the leading edge of biblical counselling. 

Reading list

Readers are thinkers. Counsellors need to be thinkers. Our members training program will lead you through a “must read” list of books, and we’ll also publish regular book reviews to help members determine where to focus their learning and grow in discernment.

Conference recordings

We’re planning on making our biblical counselling conference a regular event. Conference recordings will be made available exclusively to members. Not only this, but members will also receive additional exclusive conference benefits.

Support, guidance and accountability

We’re aware that many of those who want to help others will not be elders or pastors. We want you to counsel as part of a local church, so we want to provide you with guidance and support for doing this in a way that pleases the Lord, is effective and that honors those the Lord has placed over His church. In counselling accountability is important, and we will require members to maintain standards of conduct to help safeguard the reputation of biblical counselling.

Member training program

We’re developing a training program designed to help you grow in Christ and in confidence helping others. Designed for a modern, online education in which you can learn at your own pace, you’ll learn the theological and hermeneutical foundations of counselling, the practice of counselling and how to help people with specific problems.

Online community

Even if you’re the only person within 100 km who is interested in biblical counselling, we’ll plug you into a broader community of counsellors across the country and the world. Ask questions, get encouragement, share observations and resources with others on the same journey.

Membership levels coming soon


Support biblical counselling in New Zealand
$ 37 Monthly
  • Live monthly calls
  • Suggested reading list
  • Conference recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Logo use
  • Online community (April/May)
  • Member training program (April/May)


Full membership and benefits
$ 47 Monthly
  • Live monthly calls
  • Suggested reading list
  • Conference recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Logo use (limited)
  • Online community (April/May)
  • Member training program (April/May)

Annual payments also available


Professional Development
$ 37 Monthly
  • Live monthly calls
  • Suggested reading list
  • Conference recordings
  • Support, guidance and accountability
  • Logo use (full)
  • Online community (April/May)
  • Involved in member training (by invitation)

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